The Kremlin has launched channels such as RT, and Sputnik, with the sole purpose of undermining Western values. We launched TST with the sole purpose of protecting them.The State Today

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I’m Nick Perez, founder of The State Today, a website and project, which I started in my hometown Miami, FL

TST is a place for me to talk about what I see as the biggest threat facing the United States, and Europe today. Foreign propaganda. Mostly coming from the Kremlin, this brazen disinformation campaign is modern, well funded, and extremely effective.




Managing Editor

Born to a Nicaraguan mother, Italian father, raised in Miami, FL. From the time I was a child up until the present, I’ve had the opportunity to travel all around the World.
Europe, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, India, Vietnam, Malaysia, Indonesia, China, Japan, just some of the many places I’ve visited.
My interests have revolved around international Affairs and current events, hence my choice toย study International Relations
& Political Science at Florida International University, graduating with Honors and on the Dean’s List.
Part of the ADHD Tribe, so NEVER a dull moment. NATO, the Spratly Islands in the South China Sea,
American projection of power abroad; just some of my favorite topics.
International Relationsis like “trying to shoot a moving target”.