Facts And Truth Are A Stubborn Thing For RT To Accept

Never one to let journalistic standards and integrity or the truth get in the way, RT has once again proven itself to be the propaganda machine that it is, churning out more “reporting” that is completely fact free.

A Bulgarian “polling organization” which brazenly operates as Gallup, the name of the real polling and research firm was taken to court over the usage of Gallup’s name and brand and was convicted in a Bulgarian court for these actions. The “Bulgarian Gallup” regularly cited misleading and skewed poll numbers and as a result was tarnishing the reputation of the original Gallup. One of these bogus polls claimed that most NATO members saw that military alliance as a threat rather than as protective.

Not surprisingly, RT ran with this inaccurate report and published an article claiming the same.

Ironically, but perhaps not surprising is that the real Gallup’s research and polling data finds the exact opposite, that most Eastern Europeans see NATO as a source of protection and do not look toward Moscow for backup.

Another report from the Pew Research Center also finds widespread support for NATO among its members.

Facts are, indeed, a stubborn thing. But that’s never gotten in the way of RT or any of its offspring outlets. If anything, it drives them to work even harder to masquerade as legitimate news and spread more lies and biased propaganda.

(Sources: Gallup; Pew Research Center; Bivol; RT)

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