While there has been somewhat of a lull in hostilities, massive fighting by Russian occupation forces has renewed, this time in the town of Avdiivka, which has been subject to massive shelling. All of this has its roots dating back to 2014, with the annexation of Crimea, seen by the international community as an illegal act violating international law and of Russia taking what is one nation’s sovereign territory.

Aside from the renewed aggression by Russia against Ukrainian forces by traditional means, Russian occupation forces have deployed psychological tactics against Ukrainian soldiers by sending text messages reading “you are just meat to our commanders”. European monitors have also confirmed these actions since shelling began on Sunday, as have other independent journalists visiting the area.

Newly minted Secretary to the United Nations, Nikki Haley condemned the Russian aggression. As Russia seemingly feels re-emboldened in continuing and escalating tensions, the Ukrainian army continues to fend off attacks by the Russians, aided with prior American training.

These actions demand a swift response, both from the international community as well as NATO and other EU states.

(Sources: The New York Times; 112 UA International)


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