Journalism Lost A Giant On Saturday: A Tribute To Chez Pazienza

Sometimes life throws us curveballs out of left-field, completely catching us by surprise. It therefore came as a complete shock and with great sadness that I learned of the unexpected passing of a brilliant, acerbic, and absolutely witty and hilarious journalistic mind yesterday evening, that of Chez Pazienza, editor-at-large over at The Daily Banter and co-host and and founder of the eponymous podcast, The Bob and Chez Show.

Chez left the world of journalism far, far too early, and his quick wit, firecracker personality and intellectual prowess will be deeply missed at a time when it is most needed and when the most pressing issues in current events and politics are presenting themselves.

The list of accomplishments in his repertoire run large, having cut his teeth in broadcast journalism at WSVN-7 in Miami, Florida as well as working for other local affiliates and for NBC. later in Los Angeles, he would earn 2 regional Emmy’s for his work at local TV stations and eventually climb the ranks to become a senior producer at CNN.

Chez’s finest work came during his tenure with The Daily Banter, where his unapologetically scathing articles attracted a loyal following. Chez pulled no punches in calling out and going after the absurd, the outlandish and the con artists in society, especially in politics in the flawlessly delivered pieces he wrote. Even RT and Russian propaganda were not spared, as evidenced in this brutal take down following the downing of Malaysian Airlines MH17.

The aforementioned podcast, which he co-hosted with fellow colleague, Bob Cesca, was roughly an hour long mix of political topics, insanely funny/witty humor, a mix of pop culture and on occasion a dose of personal anecdotes, past and present, and all with the same irreverent and acid-tongued approach that were Chez’s hallmark and what endeared him to all.

This author was an avid supporter, regular listener of his podcast and ardent reader of his pieces. It is not exaggeration to say I would eagerly await every Tuesday, Thursday and Friday’s podcast to drop. When the inbox of my email announced that the day’s show was ready for streaming, I knew I was in for a treat and it was no coincidence I chose to spend that hour or so of the show listening while I unwound after a long day and genuinely laughed out loud at Chez’s on-point irreverence and razor sharp wit.

Going forward, all of my Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays will no longer be the same. I will dearly miss reading and especially listening to Chez Pazienza’s voice and thoughts. The silence will be incredibly deafening.

Here’s to a sui generis, brilliant individual and talent who was taken from us too early and who will be missed more than even I realized.

Safe journey home, Chez.

(December 11th, 1969 – February 25th, 2017)


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