How Putin became the GOP leader

Vladimir Putin is a gay-hating, ultra-nationalist, conservative, White Orthodox Christian. In other words, if Putin ran for president of the United States as a Republican, he would probably win

The Republican primaries at least.

But that’s impossible you say.. This is the party of Reagan!

Yet the Grand Ol’ Party has effectively been made pro-Russian to conform to the views of a single man, who until recently, didn’t even identify as Republican. Let that sink in.

Most disturbing is the fact that this is all happening in the open. Our president is openly praising the Kremlin leader. Our president gutted a specific GOP platform pledge to help Ukraine. Our president is currently lobbying congress to soften up newly proposed sanction on Russia. Our president suggested we work together with Putin on cyber-security.  And for some mind boggling reason, our president refuses to criticize the Russian leader, opting instead for the occasional praise.

Yet the GOP has been behind Trump this entire time. Collectively acting as if none of this is a big deal. A nothing-burger is their favorite phrase now. Republicans like Marco Rubio who for years have been notorious for standing up to Putin are now staying quiet, watching as an adversarial regime passively takes a hold on their ranks. And does so fast.

36 percent of GOP voters said they consider Russia friendly to the United States, and 13 percent said it was an ally. Notice the sharp increase in just 2 months.


It was not too long ago, that I was writing about the normalization of Putin among conservatives. Well the way I see it, that normalization has upgraded to admiration. This is not normal.

Republicans constantly obsess over Obama’s failed red-line. And rightfully so. Well today’s Republicans don’t even have a red-line. They had one, then they erased it and gave Putin the paintbrush.

Reagan delivers his famous ‘tear down this wall” speech

Conservatives also love to resuscitate the spirit of Ronald Reagan when in the subject of World affairs. But just remember that although Reagan negotiated with the Soviet Union, he also made it a point to stand up to Russian aggression, as well as advocate for democratic principles around the globe.

Republicans used to just be people I disagreed with, yet under Trump the Republican Party no longer represents conservative ideals, or anything close to what used to be recognized as bipartisan American values. The current GOP is so far right, and steeped in it’s hatred for liberals, that they are willing to ignore corruption and potential treason by its leadership.

When this is all said and done, the GOP will have to pick up the shattered pieces of their party. Only then will we see how far from the Reagan doctrine they’ve drifted. All for a Trump.

As a self-described centrist Democrat, I wouldn’t mind a rebirth of the true Republican party. One that serves as a sorts of counterbalance, preventing progressive ideologies from becoming too prevalent. But considering that what used to be a moderate conservative is now essentially a mainstream Democrat, perhaps I won’t hold my breath…

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