Russian Opposition Leader In Critical Condition After Organ Failure

A vocal, anti-Putin activist and opposition leader was taken to the hospital and put on a medically induced coma in order to stabilize his condition after suddenly falling ill and suffering from possible multi-organ failure.

Mr. Vladimir Kara-Murza, who is part of the pro-democracy group “Open Russia” has had a near-brush with death before. Back in 2015, he also became ill and was rushed to a hospital where tests confirmed that a poisonous substance was ingested and prompted a serious kidney failure.

The suddenness and similarities with what happened in 2015 and the present coupled with the fact Mr. Kara-Murza is an open critic of Vladimir Putin leads many to believe this is yet another deliberate attempt by The Kremlin to silence the opposition. It is no coincidence to many that Kara-Murza was close to former deputy prime minister of Russia, Boris Nemtsov, who was also a prominent critic and was shot dead under suspicious circumstances.

Both these men join an ever growing list of journalists and others who have also spoken out and have met death or were almost killed and all under murky factors. The ones who have been lucky enough to escape Russia live in fear of being one day targeted as well and people like Yulia Stepanova, a whistle-blower have said if something “happens”, to not consider it as just an accident.

It is clear that in Vladimir Putin’s Russia, saying more than you should can very much result in one’s obituary being prematurely written.

(Sources: BBC; The New York Times)


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