The Melania Trump Speech That Broke The Internet

The saying goes that “there’s no such thing as bad publicity”. After Monday night, however, Melania Trump and the Trump campaign largely would take issue with this old adage.

Every single political campaign, Democrat or Republican has more than its fair share of controversies, unflattering stories and leaks. Following Monday night’s speech at the Republican National Convention — which was meant to formally introduce Mrs. Trump to the RNC audience and to the world — none expected the absolute firestorm that would erupt the next day after it was discovered that almost all of the speech given had been practically entirely lifted from one delivered by Michelle Obama at the Democratic National Convention in 2008.

CNN and other major media outlets did side-by-side comparisons of both women speaking and they all came to the obvious conclusion that the speech, was in fact plagiarized; at times word for word and in sentence structure. Have a look and judge for yourselves:

The firestorm did not end there, however. Far from it.

Social media had an absolute field day with the controversy, with every manner of meme being generated mocking Melania Trump’s speech and the plagiarism charges. Twitter and Facebook were awash with memes “attributing” famous quotes and lines from figures such as Martin Luther King, Gandhi and celebrities to Melania Trump. Democrats weren’t the only ones in on the entire thing. Many a Republican also hopped on the bandwagon and mercilessly mocked the speech with endless memes and hashtags being created all throughout Monday night and well into Tuesday. #FamousMelaniaTrumpQuotes was even founded and immediately took off and further added fuel to the fire. Some of the more memorable and cheeky memes floating around are shared below:


Melania Copying Michelle

Melania Beyonce

Melania even wrote some of The Beyhive’s Formation lyrics!


Not surprisingly, Mrs. Trump was reported to have been absolutely furious; becoming the butt of everyone’s joke isn’t exactly how you want to be remembered at the first night of a major political party’s convention where a worldwide audience not only saw the lifted speech, but was also privy to the ensuing backlash it created — all at her expense.

And this was just day one of the Republican National Convention. Let’s see if “The Donald” manages to one-up himself by breaking the internet yet again with something more outrageous.

Key to remember is that people aren’t laughing *with* you right now; they’re laughing *at* you.

(Source: CNN, Politico)

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