Voting in New Hampshire is WELL Under Way. In The Meantime, Have a Laugh At This Weekend’s Political Highlights

I gotta give it to Granite State voters: braving that brutal cold and snow to cast their votes takes serious guts and commitment. We won’t know the full results from both sides until much later today, so in the meantime, let’s have a laugh at what this weekend’s republican debate served up and have some fun with a brilliant skit from the fine people over at Saturday Night Live!

Where oh where to begin on the Republican Presidential Debate Saturday? How about that painful, cringe inducing, awkward “entrance” Ben Carson did (or didn’t!) when he was announced to go onstage. With the camera squarely pointing at him the entire time, he just stood there doing nothing, even as the other candidates were called and took their places at the podiums. As Monique Marvez said on The Stephanie Miller Show yesterday, “I don’t want to offend anyone, but it looks like he has a mild condition and is on some kind of spectrum”. Donald Trump didn’t quite seem to get it either when announced and also stood at the side of the stage with Carson. The funniest moment had to be when a producer furiously signaled for Carson to take his place and he STILL didn’t listen! Writing about all this is funny enough on its own, but why not let Jimmy Kimmel guide us through the process!

The debate itself, again, took on the feel of a reality TV show with Trump and Bush going after each other HARD. It was Bush’s moment of truth, where he could finally take on Trump face-to-face and “knock down the bully”. For Jeb’s standards, it was the toughest he’s seemed – but that’s not saying much. Trump shut him down QUICK by drowning him out via pure bombast and even shushing him and telling him and the resulting booing crowd to be quiet, accusing them of being donors and special interest groups that were in the tank for Jeb. Reality TV show or an actual debate? You be the judge.

After seeming to find his footing and delivering pretty good debate performances and stump speeches, Marco Rubio completely stumbled later with Chris Christie absolutely devouring him and making him look like a completely scripted, robotic, Washington insider. Inexplicably, Rubio kept repeating the same, canned line over and over! It’s as if he studied for the final exam, did really well on the practice runs, and then completely blew it come exam time. The image of him being a lightweight and not up to the job is back now and was reinforced pretty well. Christie executed a lethal blow, that’s for sure.

Finally, Bernie Sanders had some fun over at the SNL studios, making a cameo appearance alongside his doppelganger, Larry David. An absolutely brilliant sketch called “Bern Your Enthusiasm” was expertly performed by Larry David and garnered many a positive review. Have a look-see for yourselves!

So with the snow falling down hard in New Hampshire and the votes still being counted, sit back and have a chuckle at this weekend’s highlights. Like I keep saying, it’s getting good.

(Source: Jimmy Kimmel Live, ABC News, NBC Universal)

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