When A Candidate Who has LONG Lost Their 15 Minutes of Fame Tries To Make a Comeback And Fails…….Miserably

Just when you think some former candidates finally saw the writing on the wall and that their repeated attempts to reclaim their lost 15 minutes of fame was up, threw in the towel and decided to fade away into the background……….only to suddenly pop back into the media spotlight and desperately attempt to claw their way back to stardom and attention!

Such was the case when none other than Sarah Palin came out of hiding after months of being outside the media’s eyes and endorsed Donald Trump for president, an endorsement “speech” that was widely and roundly criticized by tried and true conservatives for being “incoherent”, “a word salad”, “rambling at best” and even talking about how “The Donald” looked increasingly uncomfortable as the speech dragged on with more than a few side-eyes tossed her way and his body language painfully showing his level of discomfort. Even those who back in 2008 had shown support for Palin did not mince words when asked what they thought of the spectacle. Cheri Jacobus, a well known, well respected Republican strategist who has ran various campaigns in the past went so far as to call Palin a “hot mess” on CNN during a panelist discussion of the event. Wanna see for yourself just HOW bad it was!? Cue Palin making a FOOL of herself:


Cheri Jacobus was far too generous and kind in describing it as a hot mess. What the hell were Trump’s people thinking, letting this absolute lightweight “go rogue” like this in such an untested way? This, after all is the person that wasn’t even able to tell Katie Couric back in 2008 which newspapers she read to stay abreast on world events.

Just as in 2008, however, the comedy Gods have Tina Fey around to really let us know what a parody of herself Palin is. Like comedian’s often say, “you can’t write this stuff up”. And cue last night’s cold open on Saturday Night Live completely mocking the aforementioned “hot mess”.



Job well done Tina. Job VERY well done. You also showed us back in 2008 just what an empty suit Palin is with this oldie but DEFINITE goodie.



As awful as Sarah Palin is with a similar worldview and political philosophy to Trump’s, we can all take comfort in at least knowing Tina Fey and the rest of the SNL cast is gonna parody, mock and laugh at what deserves to be laughed at this election cycle.

This is what happens when endorsements go horribly awry folks, lol.

(Credits for SNL content go to NBC Universal)


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